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In Fargo, ND mudrooms are essential. Get your mudrooms, shoe closets and entryways in order with our unique array of organizational solutions.

If we walked a mile in your shoes, would we like what we saw? Don’t toss your footwear into a messy pile at the door; invest in a custom shoe closet or hat racks for your entryway or mudroom. Organization is the best way for Fargo homeowners can keep their shoes in great condition without compromising style or space. Our team provides only the best in design solutions to keep your wardrobe in great shape from head to toe.

Choose from:

  • Shoe storage
  • Benches
  • Hanging hooks
  • Storage cabinets
  • Slide-out baskets
  • Adjustable shelves

Shoe storage is a challenge for many homeowners, which is why we offer several innovative shoe storage solutions that will help clean up any mudroom or entry area. Flat shelves are adjustable, which allows for sneakers, sandals or boots to be stored together. Angled shoe shelves are an attractive way to keep your footwear off the ground and visualize your style choices for the day.

Get warmer welcomes and sweeter goodbyes today with custom organization from the professional team at Smart Spaces. Contact us today for personalized solutions to fit your life.

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