10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Garage Cabinets

When we design custom garage cabinets, the layout is designed to offer better storage all by itself. We install high-quality products that are made with the end user in mind. Our custom garage cabinets have inspired Fargo homeowners to look for even more ways to keep their cabinets clean and clutter-free year-round. Fortunately, there are endless ways to organize your garage cabinets in a way that will help you enjoy all of your hobbies without sorting through piles.

1. Ditch the Divider

Many tall and wide cabinets come with a center divider that prevents you from using all of the cabinet space available. Choose a style that can be installed without a center divider if possible. This allows you to stack long rubber bins that will help protect your belongings and keep things organized.

2. Go Deep

Our garage cabinet installations give Fargo homeowners extra storage space because of their extra deep design. This is an effortless way to get more space for your things without lifting a finger. Use the extra space to store larger items or sort small items into bins. These garage cabinets can handle anything!

3. Adjust to Your Needs

Another reason we invest in high-quality cabinets is because they offer our customers adjustable shelves. These can be moved to create more or less space to accommodate whatever you need in your cabinet.

4. Sort by Weight and Size

Place the heaviest and bulkiest items on bottom shelves. This will help distribute weight evenly and prevent disaster if something should fall. We also recommend placing fragile items toward the bottom of shelving units to help protect them. Similarly, place your most used items at eye level, so they are easy to get to when you need them most.

5. Sort by Purpose

Divide your belongings by purpose. For example, one cabinet can be devoted to car care items, another to athletic equipment, and another to gardening tools. Categorize and consolidate your tools and equipment for easy access.

6. Color-Coded Bins

Many homeowners like to color-code their cabinets. While everything will have one uniform look on the outside, the inside of each cabinet could have a different color bin to coordinate with what is inside. Auto parts may be in gray bins and gardening tools could be in green bins, for example. Get creative with your color coding and come up with a system you know you will remember.

7. Organization Inserts

Many stores offer drawer or cabinet inserts to keep tiny items from sliding around. These are especially helpful in drawers, where items naturally move around due to the movement of the drawer. Choose organizers with non-slip coverings such as rubber so your belongings can get an even better grip.

8. Caddies

Shower caddies are a great way to store tools in your garage cabinets. They keep everything organized and accessible. Put together an oil change caddy, a plant-potting caddy, and others of your choice. Everything you need will be easy to find and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

9. Label It

Mark any opaque boxes with large labels so your favorite things are easy to find later. This will help you identify which box has Christmas ornaments versus Halloween masks and prevent the trouble of emptying every box looking for one single item.

10. Vertical Storage

Invest in tall garage cabinets that use as much wall space as possible. Pair these with PVC slat wall that will give you the option to use the remaining wall as storage space, as well. Slat wall comes with accessories such as hooks, hanging baskets and even paper towel holders that will add function to your garage and complement your cabinet storage. Don’t be afraid to look even higher; overhead storage is a great way to get seasonal items off the ground until you need them again.

Garage cabinet installation is not the end of maintaining an organized space. Cabinets provide you with the tools you need to categorize your belongings and store things based on a system of your choosing. When it comes to your garage cabinet storage, you are in charge. Contact us today to learn more!