Make Your Home Office Look Bigger

Small spaces can be challenging and enchanting at the same time, especially in a sacred space like a home office. If you spend quite a bit of time in a home office, you’ll want to use all of the features of the room to work in your favor rather than feel claustrophobic, cluttered and disorganized in a space you spend most of your time. Focusing on your work and professional life is much easier when you have custom cabinets for your home office in Fargo or Sioux Falls.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways you can maximize every square inch of your home without sacrificing design and your own personal taste. We have included a few tips and tricks to make even a tiny home office look bigger while incorporating your design taste and personal vision.

Paint or wallpaper the ceiling

A little paint and wallpaper go a long way when transforming a tiny space into a visually larger home office. A great rule of thumb to remember when picking out paint or wallpaper is that light colors make a room feel larger. Low contrast between a light blue, tan or other light, warm shades coupled with white crown molding provides calm, serine feelings to your workspace, giving the room a very Zen-like feel.

Light colored floors will also open up a room and give off the illusion of more space. If you are ready to dive into paint, painting the walls and ceiling white can give a serene, cloud-like feeling to the room and open up space by tricking the eye into believing the space is larger than it really is.

Ditch the curtains

If you can ditch curtains, do it. In a home office, natural light is your best friend, and you want lots of it in order to maximize space and reduce the need for floor lamps that can make a room feel cluttered. Curtains and drapes also close in a room and eliminate the ability to see outside.

Can’t live without shades or window coverings? Not a problem. Consider using a lighter shade that creates movement and allows natural light inside to enhance your light, warm walls. Hang the shades with a bar that extends over the window frame in order to expose the window completely.

Ditch the rugs too

Rugs are a great way to add a flare of color and a drop of personality to a room as well as enhance the overall décor, but it’s important to avoid using rugs in your petite home office. Rugs are just one more accessory in your office that will cause the eye to wander and close off space. If you really want to incorporate a rug, choose a light color with a natural fiber to keep it simple and minimal.

Incorporate hidden storage into your office

Hidden storage is critical in any small space. Think of a closet, for example; there are many options for hanging, hiding and shutting away seasonal items that just take up space. Your home office is no exception! Smart Spaces has created some incredible built-in desks and storage areas perfect for the full-time or part-time in-office homeowner who wants to get the most out of a space and the most bang for their buck. One feature we love the most about their custom cabinet options for Fargo homeowners is the option for low-to-the-ground cabinets and filing drawers perfect for storing items that otherwise look cluttered on a desk or bookshelf.

When considering storage options, go with a uniform style for buckets, drawers and cabinet accessories. It will give the room more flow and will be easy on the eyes from one end of the room to another. Create symmetry with custom cabinets in your Sioux Falls office with low contrast, visually quiet tones on your custom-designed desk and storage spaces.

Bring in your own personality and style

Your small home office doesn’t have to be drab, empty and confining. Whatever style you want to convey, you can achieve it through incorporating plants, hanging terrariums, simple succulents and fresh flowers. Add a pop of gold with a sconce instead of a floor lamp and add a visually appealing mirror to extend the space and appeal to the eye.

Small spaces shouldn’t be overwhelming! Smart Spaces provides realistic solutions that are visually stimulating, create an added sense of organization and appeal to your personality and taste. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation for custom cabinets in your Sioux Falls and Fargo home office!