Tips for Organizing Your Closet this Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t all about dusting fans and scrubbing bathtubs—it’s also a great time for reorganizing your life, starting with your closet! As many residents of Fargo are aware, spring is time to put away winter scarves, mittens, coats and boots and bring back t-shirts, sandals and shorts. If you don’t have an organized closet, the task before you might seem rather daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

We have compiled some of our best organization tips for spring, including how to properly and safely store your winter clothes, bring out your favorite items for spring and explore some great custom closet designs that can help you along the way.

Purge your old clothes and make room for new items

When you begin to undertake your closet reorganization project, it is a great time to sell or donate clothes you haven’t worn in two or three winter seasons. Purging the old items will make room for new space to add a closet organizer, shoe rack, display shelf, or simply make room for new clothes!

Once you have space cleared out and piles made for donation, consider adding bins, extra racks or custom cabinets to your closet to store your winter clothes safely. The last thing you want is to pull a wool sweater out when the winter season comes around and find it has been chewed up and eaten away by moths, has snagged a hanger or is missing altogether. Custom closet organization for Fargo residents is imperative; safely storing your winter clothes in order to maintain material integrity through spring and summer will save you time and money!

Use all the space

One great idea for scarves is to designate a space, add a rod or rack and tie the scarves directly to the rod. By designating a rod or rack for scarves, you can use more of your closet space and save hangers for other items like heavy jackets, sweaters, pants, and snowsuits.

Overhead cabinets and bins above your highest hanging rack will allow you to use the space and storage for items you don’t need year round. It can also house sentimental items, jewelry and books that might take up space or lay on the floor throughout the year. Storing items in a safe, dry space will keep your special items in top condition year round.

Pay a little extra for matching hangers

Matching hangers, preferably of thick wood, will allow your clothes to hang year round without getting wrinkled while giving your closet a sleek, uniform look. Wire hangers and thin plastic hangers are a thing of the past and are not only more likely to cause creases, but they are easy to bend and tend to break with continued use.

Wood hangers also come with clips that you can hang your pants on without the added crease.

Display shoes, accessories, ties, and purses for easy access

Grab-and-go items like necklaces, purses, bracelets, ties, and shoes can be organized and displayed in a place within your custom designed closet that makes sense. Think of the time you will save when you can find a matching pair of shoes right underneath your purse display each and every time!

Men can easily mix and match their ties with suits with a custom tie display track that makes choosing the perfect accent piece easy and fun!

A custom closet in Fargo will benefit you year round. Our team has worked with residents of Fargo, organizing closet and designing elegant spaces for closets of all shapes and sizes. With the spring months here and summer quickly approaching, it is time to get started making your closet the organized haven you have always imagined it could be! Contact us today to get a FREE consultation and talk about how we can make your dream closet an organized reality!