How to Streamline your Laundry Room

The laundry room is a space where we spend most of our time, whether it is coming in and out from the garage, using a smart space for homework or taking care of household chores. It makes sense to have a laundry room that works on a functional level for multiple purposes while catering to the same style that encompasses the rest of your home.

Laundry room designs from Smart Spaces include features to enhance space and serve the user in more than one way. Our laundry rooms can be a place to clean clothes as well as a workspace. It can be used as a place to store cleaning supplies and sports bags or as overhead space for cabinets and storage. At Smart Spaces, custom laundry room design is our specialty, and it is our goal to streamline your home to suit your needs and embody your style.

Stay organized

Your laundry room can be organized chaos if you don’t have the right storage options. Why not design a room to best suit your lifestyle? One of the best and easiest steps to stay organized is custom cabinetry along the walls and above the washer and dryer. You can easily store laundry supplies in an easy-to-reach space while using the rest of the room to store other items you use on a daily or weekly basis.

Use vertical space

Vertical space can enhance storage and shelving options in your laundry room, creating a smart space for multipurpose use. A long, vertical storage cabinet is helpful for hanging delicate clothes or storing winter jackets, boots and scarves. In Fargo, custom laundry room design often includes a mudroom for dirty, muddy boots as well. Keep items that have been exposed to mud, dirt and rain in a warm, dry space that will keep your house clean and offer reliable vertical storage.

Use hinges, storage and hooks to your advantage

The laundry room is a space for cleaning, ironing and hanging. Designing and incorporating a hinged ironing board creates space while including crucial items in the laundry room for your personal use. Bring the board down when you need to use it, then hang the freshly ironed item on the hook when you are finished. You will save time and space this way, and don’t we all love that?

Incorporate a workspace within your laundry room

Whether you use a workspace for folding laundry or overseeing a child’s after-school homework, a flat workspace built in along a wall in the laundry room is a great way to use space and turn your laundry room into a multi-purpose space for the entire family.

Smart Spaces is dedicated to creating workable spaces for homes throughout Fargo. We use high quality materials able to withstand household traffic and use while serving as a gorgeous addition to your home’s particular style. We take pride in our work and have a team of expert designers ready to help you turn your dream into a laundry room reality. Contact us today and let’s get started streamlining your laundry room into an efficient, one stop shop for your household needs!