Our Top Garage Organization Tips

From energy efficient appliances to high-quality power tools and materials, you want everything in your garage to perform at its best.  Can you say the same thing about the garage space itself, though? Between garage cabinets, shelving, flooring and lighting, there are a variety of ways to get your garage in its best shape ever. Our designers have compiled their most impactful design tips so you can make the most of your space with just a few changes.

Proper Storage

The garage can experience extreme fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. Remove all paint, propane, paper, and pet food from the garage and store these items indoors where they are in a controlled environment without risk of spoiling. If you have a second refrigerator, try to keep it indoors so it doesn’t waste energy in the hot summer months.

Sort by Function

Sort everything in your garage by purpose and function so your belongings will be easy to access. Popular categories include:

  • Home maintenance
  • Sports gear
  • Gardening
  • Holiday decorations

Overhead Storage

Our designers recommend placing bulky or seasonal items overhead. Even sports gear can be stowed safely out of the way until the next season comes around. This keeps everything accessible without taking up precious space in your garage cabinets. Be sure to maintain your predetermined categories to prevent mixing up holiday decorations with camping gear.

Finished Floors

Don’t leave floors unfinished. Poured concrete is easily stained by oil, is not easy to clean, and doesn’t feel very nice if you have to run out into the garage last-minute without shoes to get something from the car. Upgrade to epoxy or tile garage flooring to help protect your garage from volatile Sioux Falls weather.

Vertical Organizing Systems

Durable steel Gridwall or high quality Slatwall made from PVC material are great options to help you use every inch of your wall space. Vertical storage is ideal for lightweight objects like tools. A variety of hooks and baskets make Slatwall and Gridwall versatile options ideal for anyone who wants to maximize their storage space.


Proper storage helps you access what you need at a moment’s notice. We recommend clear storage bins marked clearly with labels for ease of use. Even large storage bins can fit into our extra deep garage cabinets for maximum storage space.


Your workbench is a multipurpose space that withstands a lot of use. Invest in a countertop that will last. There are a variety of great options available, including:

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an attractive countertop option that is both durable and easy to clean. We use 1 ½ inch, 16-gauge stainless steel for a quality finish that lasts.

  • Butcher Block

Varnished solid maple lends a classic look to your garage design. The finish of this traditional look will stand up to many years of use.

  • Ebony Star

This countertop surface is made with rounded edges and rubber T-molding to help protect your equipment from dents. This is a seamless style option in a classic black color you will love.


Lights are the most underrated parts of a garage. Installations like trumpet chandeliers or even some casual string lights can help illuminate your space. Floor lighting is a great way to make sure the walkway is clear at all times. Make sure all lighting is safe for outdoor use to account for extreme temperature fluctuations in the garage.

Whether you want to completely remodel your garage or simply do a little seasonal cleaning, it pays to organize your garage space. Our designers can recommend the best options to fit your space on a budget that works for you. Contact us today to learn more about customized garage organization solutions you can count on for years to come.