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Transform Your Laundry Room Storage in 3 Simple Steps

The laundry room is one of the most common places for clutter to accumulate in your home. Clothing piles litter the floor and hazardous cleaning materials are misplaced within reach of children and pets when you do not have adequate storage. Here are three easy-to-follow tips from the custom laundry room design experts at Smart Spaces Fargo that will forever change the way you do laundry.

1. Invest in storage aids

Cabinets, shelving and drawers are often overlooked in laundry room storage plans. You should remember that most cleaning supplies are toxic to young children and pets, therefore they need to kept out of reach. We know that many people keep their detergent, softener and other cleaning supplies underneath their laundry room sink. This puts these hazardous materials within reach of little ones. The best thing to do is to place these cleaners above your washer and dryer on a shelf or in cabinets. Laundry room cabinetry is also a great place to store mops, buckets, vacuums, and brooms.

Bulky detergent boxes and bottles can become a challenge to fit into standard-sized cabinets. Smart Spaces Fargo suggests buying some air-tight and see-through containers to store power detergent and fabric softener sheets. If you prefer to keep all of your cleaning supplies in their original packaging, take a look into adjustable shelving for your laundry room. This type of shelving allows you the freedom to create a space that perfectly fits your needs.

2. Re-think hampers

Hampers can be a hassle. Besides their unsightly appearance and odors within,, it can also be difficult to carry clothing from your bedroom hamper to your laundry room without leaving a dirty clothes trail along the way. Tilt-out hampers blend seamlessly with your laundry room cabinet or bedroom closet design. Many tilt-out hampers have a pull-out feature so you can easily carry your clothes from your closet to the laundry room . We also sell pull-out hampers for easy access transportation. Below are examples of both types of hampers.

3. Make ironing easier

How would you like to have an ironing board that is stored in a drawer? Stop wrestling with pull-down ironing boards that are hard to unfold. Ask about our stow-away ironing boards that pull out from a drawer and rotate 180 degrees, creating the perfect space for ironing your delicates.

Hydraulic pull-down unit dryer
Hydraulic Pull-Down Unit

A hydraulic pull-down unit is the optimum solution for delicate items that cannot be put in the dryer or ironed, as it provides you with one central area to hang your clothes without the hassle of a cumbersome clothesline.

For more information about a customized laundry room, contact the unique space organization experts at Smart Spaces Fargo. Ask about a free, no-obligation in-home consultation today.