The New Year is a time to reinvent not only yourself, but also the space around you. Your home should reflect all the amazing things that you are and all the great things you hope to accomplish in the months to come. Your environment is often the deciding factor between struggling to achieve your goals and exceeding your wildest expectations. Custom window treatments and closet organizers alone won’t fulfill your New Year’s resolutions, but they can set the stage for success. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams with some of the best modern interior solutions for homes throughout Sioux Falls and Fargo. Get with the times and use some of these classy décor ideas in your home to welcome 2017 in style:

What’s In?

Clean Lines

Modern is in for 2017. Clean lines enforce the order in your house and help guide the eye from one room to another without the interruption of the oversized art deco pieces that were popular in the past. This is the perfect design element to show off any extraordinary architecture in your home or to make a small space seem larger.

Monochrome Styling

Black and white are everywhere this year, with gray serving as a popular compromise for those who want a softer look. Colors should be simple. A muted palette keeps your home looking fresh, helps your décor stand out, and makes it easy to update your style in the future if you change your mind.

Elegant Upgrades

It’s easy to make any room feel like a luxury retreat with one or two simple upgrades. Chandeliers can be used in almost any room, and bedrooms decorated with otherwise clean designs can benefit from ornate headboards in rich wood tones. Consider adding crown and base molding for an upscale look that accents any room in the house. The key is to pick one thing that makes a big impact in each space.

Mixed Metals

We’re all about versatility. Gone are the days of a home limited only to gold, silver or copper. Mix as many metals as possible together in the same space for a unique look that will pull your design together in a fashionable way. This makes purchasing home décor easier, too, since you no longer have to worry about a designated “color scheme.”

Natural Textures

Jute, wood grain and even faux fur are all hot this year. Natural textures keep your style grounded and comfortable. Use natural fibers as the foundation for sleek, modern elements or the focal point for a room that is swathed in contrasting shades. This is a great way to play with texture in your home without going overboard.

The Outdoors In

Succulents, cactuses and indoor plants have been in style for a while now, but we don’t anticipate this trend going anywhere soon. Plants naturally purify the air and remove toxins that might otherwise have been ingested. This is a great, eco-friendly way to boost your health without any extra effort. No green thumb? Not to worry! There are plenty of houseplants that require little to no care – and you still get all the same benefits.

Storage Seating

Benches are a great way to hide extra storage in your home. They can be stained to match your existing décor and blend in just about anywhere. We have seen attractive storage benches in foyers, walk-in closets, breakfast nooks, and even home offices. Storage benches can be a great addition to pantry organizers for anyone who wants a discrete place to hide bulky appliances. You will be amazed at the storage space these provide!

What’s Out?


Chevron has had its moment. There was a time when it was on everything from our clothes and jewelry to our wall paint and wood flooring. Then something happened: we grew up. Today, chevron is marketed almost exclusively to tweens and college students. Our consensus is that this pattern is okay for accessories and personal items if that’s really what you like, but don’t use it on your walls. Chevron is no longer the high-impact statement piece it once was.

Loud Colors

The 90s were a bright, vivacious time. Shoulder pads were big, the economy was booming, and loud colors decorated everything from clothes to the insides of our homes. The good news: times have changed and those 90s fashions are a thing of the past. The bad news: it’s time to redecorate. If you must use a bold color in your home, choose one statement wall per room and limit yourself to muted tones from a natural palette on the remaining walls. This keeps the focus on your home décor – and has the added bonus of making each room feel more spacious.


Whether you have ceramic animals on your walls or sprang for the real thing, this is one trend we never really got on board with. Leave the animals outside where they belong and if you must have furry creatures indoors, consider adopting from the Humane Society or your local no-kill shelter. Pets are family – not decoration.

Whether you are looking for a complete home renovation or some simple tricks to help upgrade your style and prepare for the New Year, Smart Spaces has professional home design tips to accomplish your goals. Don’t burden yourself with questionable DIY projects. Hand your home projects over to the professionals and allow us to give you the home you’ve always wanted. Claim your completely free consultation today to get started!