Your craft room is a multipurpose space where sewing, crochet materials, scrapbooking, and more all need to be stored in close proximity. Just because everything is in the same space doesn’t mean you can’t have the clean craft room of your dreams. There are some very real mental and physical benefits to getting organized (including the ability to locate your favorite pair of scissors). Our customers often report feeling happier, more relaxed and focused after a craft room makeover. Get inspired with our top 10 ways to declutter your craft room.

1. Get Pinspired

Bring Pinterest to life with your very own bulletin board. Personalize it by covering the corkboard with your favorite fabric in a pattern or color that you absolutely love. Use gold push pins in a fun shape to pin inspirational images to the board so you will be ready with ideas the next time you feel crafty.

2. Hidden Storage Space

Sometimes what you don’t see makes the biggest impact. We often recommend drawer organizers, folding ironing boards and tilt-out bins to help contain the clutter without taking up valuable real estate in your craft room.

3. Cabinet Organizers

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets create the ultimate storage space for large bolts of fabric. Wire baskets with fabric basket wraps can bring much needed order to tossed aside items like skeins of yarn.

4. Vertical Storage

Up, up and away! It may seem unconventional for a craft room, but we find that some of our favorite Sioux Falls homes feature slatwall and gridwall to organize their indoor spaces. Use add-ons like S-hooks or hanging baskets for extra space. We love this idea for scissor storage, too!

5. Small Storage

Good things come in small packages. We love the Like-it White Modular Drawers ($20) from The Container Store for counter storage. These are the perfect way to round up all your knick knacks like thimbles, zippers and buttons. A simple storage hack brings the kitchen to your craft room with this 5-Canister Magnetic Spice Rack ($15). Spice bins are a great way to organize your pins!

6. Woven Baskets

Use natural woven materials to store your soft fabrics and yarns. Bring the outside in to add warmth to your craft room design. Woven Baskets are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and can be that personal touch that brings the space together.

7. Ribbons

Ribbons don’t have to unravel due to improper storage. Wooden dowel rods or metal hanging rods can keep ribbon spools organized and ready to use any time. Similarly, wrap spare ribbon around wooden cards and store them in a drawer as you would files. This allows you sort ribbons by style and color.

8. Curtains

For open nooks or counter space, consider adding decorative curtains to dress up the area when it is in use and easily hide works-in-progress when company comes over. Whether your fabric is sheer or a thick fabric with an eye-catching design, this is a quick and easy fix everyone will love.

9. Clear Storage Bins

Clear storage bins are great for visibility and make it easy to see when you need to replenish your stores. Use label makers for additional organization at-a-glance. Clear storage bins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can pick one that works for your craft room.

10. Make it Move

Part of eliminating clutter involves storing your crafting supplies as conveniently as possible so there is no need to throw things haphazardly where they don’t belong. This Jumbo Utility Cart ($60) is a great option to help store items you use frequently so they can be moved around the room alongside you.

Your craft room is a place where creativity comes to life. Get the most out of your craft room and closet storage with organizers that bring out the best in your home. Whether you are in Fargo or the surrounding area, an organized craft room is within reach. Contact us today to learn more!