Our designers know organization: it’s the reason we wake up in the morning and the thing that keeps us going during the day. Organization is the foundation for our designs, and it leaves each homeowner with a better sense of their space and more time on their hands. We thrive on home organization – and you can too! In fact, you might already be one of us. Here are ten habits we’ve noticed highly organized people usually observe:

They’re go-getters

The motto of an organized person is, “you get what you have the courage to do for yourself.” They don’t wait to see if problems fix themselves – they either fix it themselves or call someone who can. Our designers get calls all the time from people who know the value of an organized home and want to complete the look with our help.

They’re decisive

Organized people don’t waste time thinking about what stays and what goes. If there’s any question that an item is not serving a purpose, it’s sent packing and is usually replaced with something more efficient.


They declutter

Organized people know better than anyone that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. Time spent searching for lost items on your desk would be better spent with family or friends. Our designers often recommend custom home office organization systems to help separate work from your personal life – even if you work from home.


They stay focused

Multitasking leads to loose ends and unfulfilled projects. Organized people focus on just one task at a time and give that item their full attention until the project is complete. This method is a great way to prioritize projects and complete each item on your to-do list without any distractions.


They’re okay with imperfection

Getting things done requires a certain amount of efficiency. It doesn’t pay to sit and revise your plans 10,000 times, so get the gist of what you want now and fill in the blanks later. It’s better to inch toward your goal than to stay in the same spot forever.


They know it’s now or never

If things are put off, plans for “someday” often turn into plans for “never.”  Organized people take advantage of every spare moment to achieve the results they want, whether that’s from their career, their personal commitments or their home design.


They’re problem-solvers

Our designers usually ask homeowners not to clean up before a home visit so we can see where the “trouble spots” are and identify quick fixes. Organized people are very good at identifying where problems exist and developing solutions on the spot so they can continue with their efficient routines.


They categorize

Organization styles are often most apparent in the closet where homeowners can choose to divide their wardrobe by color, season, style, or not at all. Categorizing your closet, as well as your home, is a great way to segment your life into easily accessed areas.


They have a schedule

Some people operate better in the mornings, while others need a cup of coffee (or two) to be functional. Whether your best work happens in the morning, afternoon or evening, it’s important to identify that time and use it for the most important task of the day. This will ensure you are able to give that task your best effort for maximum results!


They outsource

Organized people don’t get that way all by themselves. It takes a really smart person to recognize when it’s time to destress and let someone else do the work. Smart Spaces offers custom organizational solutions like cabinets and shelves across Sioux Falls, Fargo and surrounding cities. Home organization is our specialty, so you can focus on what matters most in your life.


Just because you’re already a highly organized person doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from expert home organization advice. Our designers specialize in talking to like-minded people who really want efficient spaces that lend to faster morning routines and more efficient evenings.  Click or call today to request your in-home estimate.