Your hobbies aren’t the same as your neighbor’s, so why should you both share the exact same garage design? Smart Spaces specializes in creating completely unique storage systems to help streamline your daily activities, protect your equipment, and make everything easy to find the next time you need it. Our accessories are multipurpose, but your design is completely customized, so your garage can easily become your favorite space in the house. Here are our recommendations for each personality:


The Sportster

Seasonal sports are not a problem with our savvy storage solutions. Our designers prefer sturdy overhead racks for bulky or seasonal items that only need to be brought out a few times a year. For lighter weight items, such as tennis rackets, snowboards or even bicycles, PVC slatwall does the trick nicely. Our slatwall is water-resistant and will not chip or warp even with regular use. Add accessories like ball baskets or sport racks to upgrade your organizational solutions.


The Classic Car Enthusiast

Any classic car enthusiast knows how important it is to have an organized workspace and durable flooring to successfully complete classic car restoration and repair. We offer unique tile flooring with a non-slip surface that not only withstands oil leaks and heavy tools, but also looks beautiful. Take advantage of our 15-year warranty for garage flooring solutions that last – just like your love for your car. You’ll want to showcase your car and the garage with our custom garage flooring solutions!


Mr. Fix-It

The handyman of the household needs a complete garage system that not only organizes tools, but protects them and stands up to heavy-duty work at the same time. Our workbench countertops are just the thing for the job! Customize your look with Stainless Steel, Butcher Block or Ebony Star laminate counters that look great and are easy to clean. Pair your workbench surface with our PVC slatwall or commercial-grade steel gridwall to keep your most frequently used tools handy at all times. Many homeowners find slatwall is even a great way to store larger items like ladders or brooms so you can sweep up when the job is done.


The Green Thumb

Gardeners require versatile space. Your seasonal landscaping needs in winter are completely different from the materials you will need in spring or summer. This is
why our gardening system is built to be so all-encompassing. Our PVC slatwall is capable of holding any gardening tool, including rakes, hoses and accessory baskets. For heavier items, we offer custom garage cabinets built to keep your Sioux Falls home organized and beautiful. Our “floating” cabinet construction helps prevent dirt buildup and allows for easy cleanup even when the going gets messy.


It’s about time you had a garage that speaks to you and your interests. Get quality, streamlined organizations systems and custom garage cabinets that make it easy to pursue your passions. North and South Dakota homes have never looked better than they have with Smart Spaces! Contact us today and claim your free consultation.