Punxsutawney Phil promised us an early spring this year – and Fargo residents have not forgotten! Temperatures might still be a little chilly, but spring has arrived and with it comes spring cleaning season! Spring cleaning is about more than just making your home look nice once a year; it’s about “out with the old, in with the new” – and that includes your outdated and ineffective storage systems.


Closets are the number one location for clutter to accumulate in the home. Just because something is out of sight doesn’t mean it won’t return to haunt you later. Closet organizers are the best investment for homeowners in Fargo, ND and surrounding areas looking to get a handle on their storage problems and make spring cleaning just a little easier this year. Our Smart Spaces professionals offer a free in-home consultation to design custom organization systems for your home, but there are several things you can do in the meantime to prepare for a visit from our professional organization experts.


The Cleaning Issue

During spring cleaning, the first step is usually to take everything out of the closet. When you clean on your own, this makes it easier to see what has been hiding in your home all this time and make the decision to either trash the items, donate them, or keep them. Fortunately, Smart Spaces customers get to skip this step!


If you are extremely frustrated with one particular closet or space in your home, our advice is actually not to clean at all. Leave the space as-is and hideous and have us over for a look! Don’t worry: we never judge. Allowing us to see the space that’s frustrating you in all its messy glory helps us effectively design custom storage solutions just for you. Trust us: we’ve seen everything!


Make it Visible

Use clear containers to store seasonal clothes and jackets. It is much easier to find specific items in see-through containers. Most Rubbermaid tubs are stackable as well, which means your wardrobe can be folded, stacked and kept in one contained space until next season. We can install pull-and-swivel belt and tie racks in your new custom closet system, pop-out garment valet rods, velvet-lined drawer inserts for your jewelry, and all kinds of other fun things!


Group Like Items

Part of maintaining an organized home is making things convenient. For couples, this could mean separating the closet into “His” and “Hers” sections or designating a drawer for cufflinks to keep them separate from other small objects. Storing like items together could help save time in the morning and streamline your daily routine.


Think Vertically

Vertical space is your best friend when it comes to closet organization. Vertical storage doesn’t just mean additional shelving – it can also mean incorporating slatwall or belt and tie racks to maximize your square footage and make the most of corner space. Professional organization experts can help evaluate your options and make recommendations customized for your closet.


Drawer Dividers & Shelf Organizers

We’ve all done it: you organize a drawer only to have things shift the second the drawer is closed. Don’t let your careful hard work be undone! Invest in drawer dividers and shelf organizers to maintain properly organized spaces and keep small objects from intermingling.


The most important piece of advice we give to customers is to think about the function of the space in question. For example, a master bedroom closet might only need space for clothing and shoes, but a child’s closet might also need space for diapers, toys, books, and dress-up clothes. Each person has different needs and will require different storage solutions to make the most of their space.


It’s never too early to start spring cleaning. Closets are just the beginning! Call today and learn more about home organization options to fit your life.