Smart Spaces specializes in much more than just custom closet installation in North Dakota. Our experienced design team helps home owners throughout the state organize their homes and lives by creating custom cabinets for a variety of uses in Fargo and the surrounding areas. One of the most popular requests Smart Spaces gets for custom cabinets in Grand Forks is for craft rooms. Craft rooms easily become overrun with trinkets, fabric, thread and a variety of other materials. Conquer the clutter with these five great tips:

Custom Cabinets Create Clever Craft Rooms

Hang it from slat wall
Slat wall is extremely versatile in that hangers and shelving can be moved around and adjusted for various storage needs. Hang scissors, brushes, gift bags and other items from slat wall and rearrange the design of your storage system as you. Install a curtain rod to hang small buckets or baskets for extra storage.

Organize your organizers
Never underestimate the power of a box! Boxes are a great tool so long as everything within that box is property labeled and organized. Dumping items into a box won’t help with your organization efforts if you are not able find the supplies in the box when you need them. The more you label containers, the more organized you’ll be.

Divide and conquer
Dividing your storage can dramatically improve the efficiency of your craft room. Try using drawer dividers for smaller items such as stamps, ink and thumb tacks. You can make a DIY drawer divider using a wire cube shelving panel to hold paint tubes, glitter bottles and pens. Paper sorters are ideal for scrapbooking pros, while see-through canisters placed on custom cabinets may be more efficient for someone who uses a lot of beads. Each individual’s organization system, whether it be in Fargo or Grand Forks, should be custom-made with cabinets and shelving that reflect the types of crafts they plan on creating.

Recycled gold
Many of the crafts that people create feature recycled and repurposed items. There are plenty of opportunities to repurpose common household items to aid in your quest for craft room organization. Small ribbons can be rolled up and placed in empty Tic Tac containers for a tangle-free dispenser solution. Paint or cover a beer or soda 6-pack container for a handy way to carry brushes, scissors and other items. Old spice racks and spice containers can even be repurposed to hold glitter, beads and paper clips, thumb tacks and small items that you use on a regular basis.

Custom cabinets
Smart Spaces provides custom cabinets and closet installation in Fargo and Grand Forks because we know that no two crafters are alike. Your unique storage needs will be a deciding factor in how many cabinets you need, how much shelving your space will require, how much countertop space you will need and similar considerations.

Contact one of our expert designers today so that we can discuss your needs and create a solution for your home by requesting a free in-home consultation!