4 Tips for Home Pantry Organization in Fargo, North Dakota

January is the perfect time to tackle that home organization project you’ve been putting off for months. For many people, that project is organizing their pantry. We buy food on a regular basis and, oftentimes, items get shoved to the back where they become “out of sight and out of mind.” If you do not have the right pantry organization system installed to make everything accessible, it can be easy for food to spoil where it is hidden at the back of the shelf. As a leading designer and installer of pantry organizers in Fargo, Smart Spaces offers these four tips to avoid wasted food and improve the functionality of your pantry in 2016.

1. Categorize everything
The easiest pantry organization method is to simply categorize everything in your space. Group similar objects together for easy access to what your need in a snap! Creating space for appliances, utensils, dishware for special occasions, and multiple categories of foods is a great starting point for your pantry organization project.

2. Label everything
If you prefer to buy in bulk, consider purchasing see-through containers for your custom pantry organizer in Fargo. Air-tight containers will keep your rice, pasta, baking supplies, candies, chocolates, and countless other food items fresher for longer. Invest in chalkboard labels that you can reuse to list the contents within, as well as any cooking instructions and the date that the original package was opened.

3. Easily accessible storage
Simplicity and accessibility are your two closest allies when it comes to pantry organization systems in Fargo. High-quality pantry organizers have many storage areas, including drawers, custom cabinets, pull-out baskets, and shelving. Arrange the most frequently used items around in the most accessible areas. Some great ideas for your home’s pantry organizer are:
• A pull-out spice rack or wine rack for easy access
• Pull-out baskets for produce, bags of chips, bread, or other foods
• Pull-out shelving for lunch bags, plastic bags, tin foil, and plastic wrap
• Shelving at eye level for frequently used baking pans, cutting boards and cook books
• Shelving above eye level for seldom-used cooking equipment and fine China
• Lazy Susan for canned goods and sticky items such as honey and syrup

4. Organize within your organization system
Everything in your pantry organization system should have a purpose. Some of the features in your custom cabinets may even lend themselves to multiple functions. Install drawer dividers to keep utensils separated or use shelf dividers to create more customized storage areas for books, pots and pans. Shelf organizers can also be used to group similar food items in specific areas within your kitchen pantry.
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