Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with These 5 Organization Tips

1. Take it one step at a time

After a year’s worth of holidays, birthday parties and other events, you’re bound to have accumulated more “stuff” than you had at the start of 2015. Some areas of your home may even be a little worse for wear than others. As the leading provider of closet organization systems in Fargo, the Smart Spaces’ design team recommends tackling a total home organization project one room at a time. If you start off by saying, “I’m going to get it all done a little bit in each room every day,” you won’t see progress quickly enough and may even get discouraged. Identify the most problematic rooms in your home and start there, whether it’s your daughter’s overflowing closet or the crowded kitchen and pantry organization system overrun by the latest cooking gadgets and gear. Handling one room at a time will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to move forward with your home transformation.

2. Year-end evaluation

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to reevaluate the clothes, toys, videos, books, and other personal items you own. There are many ways to determine which personal belongings to keep and which to toss. Our closet designers recommend hanging your clothes with the hangers pointed the same way at the beginning of the season. Turn the hanger the other way to show that you’ve worn the article of clothing. At the end of the season, you’ll have a great idea of what you use and don’t use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Start with these clothing items when deciding what to throw out, what to donate and what to sell.

3. Give it a home

The first rule of home organization is to give everything in your house a place to call its own. Invest in a few decorative and functional bins or baskets to complete your custom closet, garage cabinet or pantry organization system. Use these to store odds and ends that don’t seem to fit in anywhere, but that you also want to keep.

Custom Closet Cabinets

4. Get one, toss two

The “get one, toss two” rule is our favorite way to keep your home clutter-free throughout the holidays. Whenever you get something new, throw away, donate or sell two other items you already own. For example, if someone buys you a dress as a gift, take a critical look at the dresses in your closet and see if there are any that may not fit or that you no longer wear.

5. Advantages of Getting Organized

There are countless advantages to getting your home organized before the holidays including:
• Less stress when organizing holiday parties, meals and get-together
• A decluttered home is a relaxed and enjoyable space to spend time in with both friends and family
• The ability to identify items that need to be replaced, allowing you to put these items on your holiday wish list
• Easy access to the holiday decorations

The closet organization designers at Smart Spaces in Fargo hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. We are looking forward to many exciting things in 2016, including designing and installing a custom closet, garage cabinets or pantry organization system for your home. Request a free quote today!