Fall Clothing Closet Storage Tips

If you have ever found yourself greeting the start of a new season with more clothing than you have space foclosetr in your closet, you are not alone. Fitting both winter and summer wardrobes into the same closet space may seem impossible, and it oftentimes is. The solution to this conundrum? Rotate your wardrobe seasonally. By only keeping a seasonal stock of clothes and accessories in your closet at any given time, you not only save time getting ready every morning, but you keep your sweaters, slacks and scarves from getting wrinkled at the back of a stuffed closet as well. These quick closet organization tips from Smart Spaces of Fargo will help you fix your small closet dilemma and start the fall season right.

1. Get rid of old and worn-out clothing

There is no time like the present to finally go through your wardrobe and get rid of clothing that you no longer wear. Whether your old clothes no longer fit, are damaged, or just don’t match your taste these days, clearing them out can save lots of space in your closet. Designer clothing that is still in good shape can be brought to your local consignment store and you can walk away with some extra money in your pocket. Other gently-worn clothing items can be donated to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or any other charity of your choice. If the item is damaged or extremely worn, it should probably go in the trash, though there are many upcycling projects that can transform old clothes into something beautiful and functional such as the projects seen here.


2. Properly store summer clothing

Clothes worn during the summer tend to be made of lighter material and can be easily damaged. Therefore, they need to be stored with care. First and foremost, make sure that all of your clothing is clean before storing it. Hang delicates to decrease the chances of wrinkling and separate items that can easily be tangled, such as lace. Fold shirts, shorts and capris and place them in storage bins, making sure the lids are air-tight to deter pests, moisture or severe temperatures from damaging your clothing.

3. Care for your current wardrobe

When it comes to properly washing, hanging and storing clothing, misconceptions abound. Luckily, our closet storage experts Fargo are here to set the record straight:
• Never hang knitted clothing! Hanging knits can stretch them out and cause the garment to lose the integrity of its shape. Fold them into drawers or place them on shelves.
• Do not put coats through the wash; make sure that they are dry-cleaned only!
• Store larger coats and overcoats in an entryway closet to free up space in your bedroom closet for other articles of clothing.

For more information about how to switch out your wardrobe on a seasonal basis, or to learn more about a customized closet storage system from Smart Spaces in Fargo, contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.