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Garage Organization from Smart Spaces of Fargo

The summer is the perfect time to clean your garage from top to bottom. Rearrange your space for more outdoor fun including gardening, sports, a workshop and so much more. Our expert garage organization and cleaning hacks will clear out and rearrange your space in no time at all so that you can get back to enjoying the sunshine and your summertime hobbies.

1. Less clutter = more storage space

It’s a simple concept: if you have less clutter, you’ll have more space for storage. The athletic gear, tools and other items that are used most often should be easily accessible in your garage. The less time you have to spend digging through piles of stuff, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your summer!

2. Find what you need, when you need it

Sifting through mountains of athletic equipment or piles of nuts and bolts to find what you want can be absolutely infuriating. An organized garage is obviously more efficient than a cluttered one. Here are a few helpful tips to get your garage in shape:

  1. Organize small nuts, bolts and washers in tilt-boxes or small accessory organizers
  2. Keep your mid-size power tools on gridwall or slatwall for hanging storage
  3. Hang bicycles, kayaks and other sports equipment on walls
  4. Keep as many items off the floor as possible
  5. Group small, similar items together in bins and store them in cabinets
  6. Place frequently used items in buckets or bins where every member of the family can access them
  7. Take advantage of overhead storage for holiday and seasonal items

Once you have rearranged your garage, you’ll have more time for fun and spend less time trying to find things. It is much easier to accomplish tasks if you are not constantly digging through piles, shelves and bins.

3. Prevent garage pests from entering

If everything in your garage is organized in its own space, there will be fewer places for pests to hide. Mice and other rodents burrow in boxes filled with clothes, blankets and paper. If you keep bulk foods in your garage, pests will stop at nothing to get into them. Keep everything in sealed air-tight bins to deter pests.

4. Transform your garage space

Have you ever dreamed of owning a man cave? What about having your own private gym? You can transform your garage into a multi-purpose space once you get rid of clutter. Freeing up your floor space gives you a chance to explore other uses for your garage.

For more information about garage organization systems and how to cut through clutter, read our how-to guide here. Request a free in-home consultation today.