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At Smart Spaces we want to help you simplify your life by creating & organizing any space in your home. A free consultation is waiting for you, so click the button and lets get organized!

Ursula Gravalin, CEO

We are committed to creating the perfect space anywhere in your home. Look at some of our recent projects, or our photo galleries to see how we could transform any room in your home.

Featured Projects

Below are a couple before and after images of some of our recent projects. *Slide right to see the before image, and slide left to see the after image.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Our custom closet and cabinet design process starts with a free consultation. We visit your space, discuss your storage needs and desires, and provide unique solutions for your home that you're sure to love!

2. Installation

Once the organization system designs are finalized, your storage system installation is conveniently scheduled! Installation times vary depending on the size of the job, but we always guarantee it will be done professionally.

3. Moving In

Moving into your new closet, garage, or other space is the most enjoyable part of this entire process. You'll love how organized, beautiful and clutter-free your new space is. See how our custom cabinet solutions improve your life everyday!

4. Follow Up

Our service doesn't end once the project is complete. Your continued satisfaction is very important to us, and we want you to love your new space. Contact us anytime you have questions about our products or services.

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Photo Galleries

Find inspiration while looking through some of our photo galleries.

Client Testimonials

West Fargo, ND
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I love having an organized space, where things can be easily found and replaced after use. My wife would probably say having a nice place to entertain guests is the best part of our garage now. We also do a much better job of keeping it clean! Our experience was quite good. Erin was very responsive in working with us on design, answering questions, providing samples, etc. The installation was professional and timely. We are very happy with the quality and we experienced excellent service with a high-end product.
Fargo, ND
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I highly recommend Smart Spaces! The entire experience was fun, easy and so worthwhile. I know that this closet will help increase the value of my home because what person doesn't want more organization in her/his life?!? Plus it looks so nice! I'm very happy that I made the decision to revamp my closet and that I chose Smart Spaces to do so!
Grand Forks, ND
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Working with Amanda was so much fun! She had great ideas, listened closely to what I wanted, and answered all of my questions. The configuration she suggested was perfect for my needs and she configured it in a way that I hadn't even considered, thereby maximizing every available inch. The installation only took one day so I was able to start enjoying my new closet that same day. And her service didn't end there - she stopped by after I had everything in it to make sure that my new closet met my expectations!
Detroit Lakes, MN
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I absolutely LOVE my closet! It's the first thing that I see when I wake up in the morning and it puts a smile on my face! It's so much easier to get ready in the morning because my clothes are organized and readily available. I don't have to search for a particular item anymore because it's all there in front of me. And I can't believe how much more space I have because of the configuration and organization! I didn't think I'd be able to get all of the clothes from my previous closet into it but I got that and MORE into my new closet with room to spare! (And I have A LOT of clothes!!!!)
Fergus Falls, MN
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Every experience I’ve had with Smart Spaces has been great, and the process is really what has kept me coming back. It means I don’t have to think of all the tiny details, because Amanda will. I would recommend Smart Spaces to any of my friends-do it! Don’t think you can do it better yourself. Let professionals do their job and I promise you will get something better than you could have imagined yourself.
Fargo, ND
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I can’t really pick a favorite space because we have done so many, but the reason we have done so many is the same as my favorite part: the process is SO CUSTOM that I’m left with a solution that actually works for the long term. The closets adapt to changing clothes needs and sizes (kids), the pantry has perfect features for keeping things sorted and helping me not over buy, and on top of it all, the style is great. My daily routine has changed by having everything sorted and in view helps to not over spend, from clothes to food. I know exactly what I have and what gaps I need to fill in. I want a new house so I have more closets.